You can find the answers here to all your questions about JETFORME and its services.

What is JETFORME, what kind of services does it offer you?

JETFORME is a new generation interactive jet rental platform that connects passengers and jet owners to ensure a personalized flight experience. The sharing of flight seats ensures convenient prices for our guests. At JETFORME we spread the “VIP Travel” experience through sharing of seats. We offer private jet comfort with all the luxurious services that come with the private jet world, such as private terminals and VIP catering services.

Moreover, our passengers, with the opportunity to reduce their flight cost by sharing unused seats, are able to schedule flights according to their own calendar.

We offer two types of services; “Passenger” and “Jet Owner”. Passengers and jet owners are able to create flights through our website and our mobile app for the time and location they determine. With these two types of services passengers have the possibility to travel “First Class” at special prices and jet owners share the cost of their travel and optimize their flight costs.

The “Passenger” will be able to join an already created flight and may complete the number of passengers required for that flight to be guaranteed, as well as create a new flight and wait for the seats to be completed in the flight he/she has created.

How to create a flight?

By clicking the “Create a Flight” option on our website, passengers can easily create a flight by following the specified steps. They set the flight for whenever to wherever they wish and will be able to return back with the same jet, if they do so desire.

Jet Owners may create a flight as well, log into the system through our website, click “I am a Jet Owner” and create flights. After having determined the location, number of seats and time, Jet owners can share their flight by uploading visuals of their jet.


How do you describe your target audience?

JETFORME addresses men/women of the business world. Our customers are racing against time and do not want to waste time in and get lost in crowds. They give importance to privacy and wish to benefit from the comfort of a private jet.

What is your difference from a normal private jet service?

Those who wish to access the privileges of JETFORME services may create their own flights by clicking on the “Create a Flight” button through our website or through our mobile apps. As well, customers may participate in flights created by others. Therefore, Passengers whom schedule a flight, create a private jet flight through our website for one person or for a group of several people. All flights that are created by passengers are displayed on our website under the tag “Scheduled Flights”. Any passenger wishing to participate in the flight may join this special flight experience by buying the available seats.

What does the offered private VIP amenities include?

We offer our passengers alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, a dinner menu with world class culinary dishes, reclining seats, eye masks and other services offered by airline companies to “Business Class” or “First Class” as well as more advanced VIP services.

Namely, we allocate special jet terminals used by world-renowned names and we handle passport procedures in a short amount of time (about 5 minutes). Thus all our passengers are able to enjoy a comfortable flight experience without dealing with crowds and being exposed to noise pollution.

Moreover, passengers are welcomed by the special ground services team of JETFORME on duty, at the departure and landing airports, and all their specific needs are handled.

Additionally, our passengers who prefer to fly by sharing seats, have the opportunity to meet with leading names of the business world and can extend their network of acquaintances.

What is the pricing policy that you follow? What is the per capita cost of this service?

We are working with leading operators in order to offer the best service to our guests, at the most optimal prices. Our scheduled flights include landing fees and applicable taxes. There is no fixed price. The flight price is determined depending on aircraft type, flight time and the distance.

For “Pending Flights” we place a pre-comission on the credit card provided, however in the case the flight is not confirmed we release the fee.

Do passengers have the possibility to learn the identities of the people they share the flight with in advance?

We do not share identities of our guests with other passengers before the flight, because of personal privacy and confidentiality. However, passengers may contact JETFORME about this issue and put in a pre-flight special request. With the consent of the other passengers, sharing of this information is then possible.

What kind of jets are used? Do jets used vary according to the flights?

We provide three types of jets; Light Private Jets, Medium Private Jets, and Large Body Jets.

Light Private Jets are used for short distances, about 2250 to 3700 km (1200 to 2000 miles). They have low ceilinged cabins for a quiet flight and a capacity of 4-6 passengers. The luggage space is limited.

Medium sized Private Jets are suitable for journeys of about 3300 to 5500 km (1800 to 3000 miles). A typical medium sized jet has a capacity of 7 to 9 passengers; a standup cabin, flight attendant, a toilet in the cabin and medium sized luggage space.

Large Body Private Jets, having long range flight ability and big bodies. They offer the highest level of comfort and luxury. These aircrafts have been primarily preferred by VIP guests and senior managers. They have been designed to realize Cross-Atlantic flights and long ranges (approximately 3500 to 7000 miles / 6400 to 11500 km) for 10 -13 passengers and have extremely wide passenger cabins.

What is the maximum passenger capacity of a jet?

The passenger capacity of Light Jets is about 4 to 6 people, Medium Size Jets are 7 to 9 people, and Large Body Jets are 10 to 13 people.

However, this also depends on the distance traveled. For short distances Light Jets are used, while for medium distances Medium Size Jets, and for long distances Large Body Jets are used.

What kind of procedures is JETFORME implementing in order to ensure the safety of the passengers? How much flight experience do pilots have and what are the maintenance processes of the aircrafts?

Our greatest priority is the safety of our members. The operators we deal with follow the same safety procedures as airline companies. All the operators are obliged to strictly fulfill international civil aviation regulations and the laws of safety for our passengers. Operators employ expert staff, trained in accordance with international civil aviation laws and regulations. All the operators with whom JETFORME operates, have a valid Aviation Operator Certificate and are regulated by the relevant aviation authority. Every operator taking part in the JETFORME platform has an Aviation Operator Certificate (AOC).

Every operator JETFORME deals with has been carrying out operations, crew training activities, and aircraft maintenance and follows a comprehensive control procedure. These procedures include:

  • Aircraft documentation regulations
  • Crew training records regulations
  • Team Flight time limitations regulations
  • Flight regulations
  • Maintenance and engineering compliance regulations
  • Manual regulations
  • Management and financial stability regulations
  • Operations regulations
  • Quality regulations
Are flights ever cancelled? In case of a flight cancellation, do you return the fee to the passengers?

We place a credit card pre-comission for the operations conducted at JETFORME. However, flights may be cancelled at JETFORME for several reasons, as they do at all airline companies. In the event that a flight is canceled, we return the provision acquired.

Is there any luggage limitation?

Luggage limitations depends on the type and class of the aircraft.

Can babies or pregnant women fly with private jets?

Babies can fly with private jets just as in standard airline companies. But pregnant passengers should consult with their physician before a flight.

Do jets enter the takeoff – landing queues of other passenger planes or is the jets runway in a different area?

 Jets, of course, do enter the takeoff – landing queues. However, we on our side save on time by providing easy passport processing without getting in crowds.

Are there any delays in flights?

In airports that have Slot areas allotted for airline companies, some delays may occur depending on the situation.