Travel To Rome Like A Jetsetter

Colosseum in Italy

Love Fountain, Spanish Stairs, the Vatican and Pantheon we leave behind us. We are between Via Prenestina and Via Casilina, we're in Pigneto now… This the quarter less known by tourists, but natives do fall in love, where times flow very slowly in cafes at Isola, pasta dishes are accompanied by loud sounds of laughter.

The cafe before Counter! That's habitual in Rome, you leave 1 Euro on the counter and dour espresso in one gulp. You repeat this 3-4 times a day. But what is habitual in Pigneto is to reward yourself with espresso or macchiato with creamy milk foam at Fiordité (Via Tuscolana 30) or Café dal 32 (Via Prenestina 40) counters.

Also hipster coffee is here! And this is Najjar on Via Fanfulla di Lodi street where Accoattone was taken by Pasolini. Famous for breakfasts. "Why?" you'll ask. American classics such as Bagel and Muffins that are not much available in Italy are done here, they cause Pigneto breath hipster air reminiscent of Williamsburg.

Offspring's gathering area. When you follow families with babies, the roads will take you to the old mechanic shop, new relax venue Rosdi. The kitchen Chef Gallotta says meanwhile that all the products are taken from organic farms. Tables are set for crowds on Sunday for Grandma lunch on 12:00. Eggplant wit Parmesan, spinach ravioli with sweet basil and tomato sauce, hamburgers served on rye bread are Rosti's specialties.

Italian ice-creams! If you say I'll pass a meal with ice-creams you'll be as you seat for a banquet in this country. With almonds, pistachio, hazelnut, cinnamon, Nutella… Would you ask me to keep on counting? This is heaven sat on the cone in Il Capricco di Carla (Piazalle Penestino 30/31).

Slice pizzeria! We have small groceries on every corner with us here, pizzerias are on streets everywhere in Rome. All are delicious and have plentiful materials so Romans are reported to have come from other quarters of Rome for white pizzas and tiramisu of Opulentia.

Record shops! If you'd like to know a city better, you venture in bookstores or record shops??? We say both, and suggest Radiation Records at Pigneto as the correct address for this. If you wish to have a fruit juice when buying a record, you may also set on "Yeah" their tables.

A bit pricey but Prio al Pigneto is a restaurant just over standards of the neighborhood. Pasta dishes sold not over 7-8 Euro are about 12 Euros here. But if you see linguine with pecorino cheese and octopus, fresh pasta stuffed with veal on the menu, that's really touching!...

Time travel: If we'll be able to return back to Paris of 1900s, wouldn't you like? You can taste rums brought from Martinique or Venezuela in La Santeria, and crack anchovies just arrived from Amalfi to accompany them. (Via del Pigneto 213)

Apero time! A tradition we experience in Italy, you may not see anywhere on the world. Those who go to meet friends during the time after working hours to drink something, find themselves on the tables full of cheese, olives and delicatessen plates lined together! You may be at the only country where you sit to stoke something before going to dinner but satiate fully. As well in bars street, only what you drink are on the bills, choose what you wish at Cargo famous for cocktails and beers!

We came to listen to the music! This letter would not end without saying about places where you discover Roman groups before leaving the quarter… Fanfulla rock music raises the volume for those seeking experimental music rather than Circolo.