What Are The Best Occasions For Hiring A Private Jet?

Best Occasions To Hire A Private Jet

I recently planned a family trip abroad for my engagement party. Our group of extended family consisted of 12 people so I thought to look into renting a private jet to make the occasion more special.

That got me thinking of what other occasions it would be useful to rent a private jet. So I’ve listed below the `Events Private Jets Are Most Hired For':

Private Jet For Sports Events

Private Jets are a hot commodity when it comes to sport events! Recently the Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather boxing match flooded the Las Vegas airport. When it’s a big tournament; Formula1 races, World Cup, Olympics, or especially the Super Bowl, private jets flood the airports. The players and the team chairmen, businessmen and most importantly the fans, use these jets. What has been occurring more and more is that supporters of sports teams share the jet with other supporters when going to the same game. Some jet charter companies have group jet trips that are planned based on the event.

Private Jet For Honeymoon

When it comes to a honeymoon, we tend to have a `spear no expense` type of mindset. And it’s fair! When are you going to charter a private jet if not for your honeymoon? Honeymoons are these over the top vacations meant to be for relaxing and pampering. You book a bungalow in the Maldives or rent an expensive hotel penthouse in some tropical destination. What better way to start off than with a private jet flight? Couples tend to prefer private jets because of the privacy; both inside the jet with fewer people and they don’t have to spend as much time on passport control procedures and can relax in the private jet lounge spending more quality time together. The pampering and catering during the flight helps too. Couples that charter a private jet for their honeymoon feel that, like I did for my engagement, it made the occasion that much more special.

Private Jet For Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is usually seen as the last `hurrah`! It’s often a weekend excursion to Las Vegas or a yacht rental for the day. Hiring a private jet cost is not what you think it is when it comes to empty leg flights. Private jets are the best option to rest really comfortably and get ready for the upcoming marathon of entertainment. On the other hand, the party does begin as soon as the group gets together. Because the party members know this and want to get the party started, renting a private jet for a bachelor party is seen as a good option. The privacy for the recovery in the aftermath is also something the best man should consider for his groom to be.

Private Jet For Family Vacation

Renting a private jet for a family vacation actually makes a lot of sense. For some it might be a bit of an excursion, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cost. First off if you’re a large group you can book a whole plane. Since you’re a large group; passport control, check in and luggage check in are going to take a while. However, with a private jet you go through the private jet terminals and all the time consuming procedures are taken care of for you. Plus, if you have small children, it’s easier to keep an eye on them in the privacy a private jet provides.

Jet Charter For Any Occasion

No matter for which occasion, some frequent first class fliers forget that private jet charter is a viable option. Obviously the exclusive services a jet rental provides is an `Upgrade to First Class`, but sharing the flight provides optimal costs that don’t drift so far from `First Class Tickets`. By sharing a flight with 5 other passengers, you divide the costs amongst the 6 of you, which make a big difference compared to renting an entire private jet. So, no mater a special occasion or a business meeting, you can reserve a seat in a private jet. Check out Jetforme for scheduled flights, to create a flight, or if you are a jet owner you can rent your jet seats.