10 Most Luxurious Travel Destinations

10 Most Luxurious Travel Destinations

Holidays can be expensive, as we all know. But these 10 most expensive vacation destinations will top all your holiday vacations you made before.

10- Chateau Chateau d'Avignon, Rhone Valley, France

Chateau d'Avignon is in the Rhone Valley, which is known for it’s wine and beautiful nature, with 20-guests capacity. 

With its own conference room, sport complex and swimming pool, Chateau d'Avignon gives you the opportunity to spend time with your friends and family, alone in the nature, out of sight with comfort and luxury.
Cost: $3.884 - $4.341 / day

9- Life Ball – Vienna – Austria

Lifeball, which is thrown for the Aids victims, is the biggest charity event of Europe. The opportunity to party with Bill Clinton, Katy Perry, Diane von Furstenberg and many other celebs and business people is waiting for you at this party. The party’s motto is “ Be provocative. Get Emotional. Embrace opulence.” The early bird tickets will be available in Autumn. For further information see the Lifeball Official Website.
Cost: $6.700/person

8- Sea Cloud Cruise

Are you ready to discover the Aegean Sea with Sea Cloud? In every harbor she visits, Sea Cloud is the most begrudged ship ever with her beauty and comfort.
The ship was built for America’s Grain Queen Marjorie Meriwether Post as the biggest personal yacht of all times. During World War II, even President Roosevelt said, “She is too beautiful to sacrifice”
Until 1955, this yacht hosted many royals and diplomatic guests. The Sea Cloud was later sold to the Dictator of the Dominican Republic, then to a group of German investors.
Cost: $4.000 - $8.000 / day

7- Zephyr Palace, Jaco - Costa Rica

If you want a more tropical vacation, you must see Zephyr Palace, which combines Costa Rica’s exotic nature and luxury.
While you take in the view of the Pacific Ocean from above a mountaintop, Zephyr Palace takes care of the rest for your comfort.
Cost: $65.000 / week

6- Villa Bellissima VI, Sienna, Italy

Are you ready to live your own fairy tale at Italy’s 800-year-old farmer valley Tuscany?
Villa Bellissima is at the medieval path from Canterbury to Rome and has a rustic design with everything you need for your comfort and luxury.
At Villa Bellissima a vacation beyond your dreams is waiting for you.
Cost: $70.000 - $105.000 / week

5- Isla de sa Ferradura, Ibiza, Spain

Isla de sa Ferradura, which is referred to as ‘a piece of heaven’ is located just outside of Ibiza. You will be away from all the crowd while just close enough to the fun of the mainland.
With the size of 12.000 m² area, Isla de sa Ferradura gives you an all-in-one vacation with gorgeous lounges, cinema room, its own wine cellar, spa center, swimming pool and sauna.
Cost: $230.000 / week

4- Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Las Vegas - USA

Playboy founder Hugh Heffner’s Sky Villa is located on 34th and 35th floors of Palms Casino Resort.
This masterpiece offers you a night you’ll never forget with an indoor heated swimming pool, gym, dinning room for 8, 2 master bedrooms, a poker table and the most beautiful view of Las Vegas.
You can visit the Sky Villa website for further information.
Cost: $34.000 / night

3- Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

If you want to spend a memorable vacation on the Necker Island, you can rent a room at the mansion which was built for Sir Richard Branson, or you can rent the whole island which is home for 60 staff, 200 flamingos and surrounded with coral reefs.
Google founder Larry Page was married on this island while Eddie Murphy had his honeymoon. The island had many famous guests like Robert De Niro, Mariah Carey, Sarah Ferguson, and even Princess Diana.
Richard Benson broke the Guinness World Record of kitesurfing with 3 people on this island.
If you want to have further information about Necker Island and the room options, you can visit Virgin Limited Edition website.
Cost of the island: $51.000 / night

2- Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva – Switzerland

With the exclusive view of Geneva Lake and the Alps, a vacation of a lifetime awaits you at the Hotel President Wilson’s luxury suite Royal Penthouse.
The suite is at the top floor of one of the most expensive hotels in the World with 4 bedrooms, the capacity of 40, an outdoor salt water swimming pool, a meeting room and a personal assistant service.
If you want to see the view of Geneva lake in your hot tub with a glass of wine you can reserve the room from Hotel President Wilson website.
Cost: $52.000 / night

1- A Week in Space: ISS

International Space Station(ISS) now welcomes the space adventurers. The trip is known as the most expensive vacation of all times. Astronout Owen Garriott’s son game developer Richard Garriott talks about the trip’s cost as “money well spent”. You need to have a hard training for months before you go on this trip. You can learn about Richards whole adventure from his space blog richardinspace.
Cost: $30.000.000 / week