5 Privileges Of Private Jet Charter

privilages of private  jet charter

Flying with a private jet is too luxurious for many people but it’s a fact that there are many advantages, which you can’t find in any other transportation. With Jetforme now you have the opportunity to hire a seat in a private jet at cost of a business class ticket. We listed the many privilages of private jet charter for you. 

1- Time Saving

One of the best privileges of chartering a private jet is saving time. When you charter a jet, it will be ready to depart in just a few hours depending on your schedule and you need to be at the airport only few minutes before your flight. Also, after you are greeted at the Private Jet Terminal, then relax in the VIP lounge, your passport and customs formalities will be completed by ground personnel quickly. Upon completion of your formalities a VIP apron vehicle standing by will provide your transfer to the aircraft. This way the time that you spend on ground decreases tremendously. What’s left for you is to just enjoy the ride.

2- Comfort

As Marketing Director of Airbus Corporate Jets David Velupillai says; we’re just a seat number for the airline companies, but when we fly with a private jet, we are VIPs. When you charter a private jet, from your first step in to the airport, till you reach your destination, your private jet staff will take care of your every need like passport / customs procedures and catering during the flight.

3- Privacy

You can spend some quality time with your friends and family during the flight to your holiday destination, you can work extra productively before your meeting without any distraction, or you can have private conversations with your business associate without the concern of anyone hearing you. You can have the privacy more so than you find in the first class. As the National Business Aviation Assosiation (NBAA) survey says, those who travel with private jets rate themselves 20% more productive then working at the Office. While those who fly with commercial flights rate themselves 40% less productive.

4- Flexibility

With private jet charter, you can fly whenever you want. You don’t have to arrange your schedule according to a set flight time. With the Create a Flight option that Jetforme offers you, you can create a “Pending Flight” and when the flight reaches the minimum passenger number, you can fly to your desired destination with quite reasonable prices.

5- Networking Opportunities

With Jetforme’s system of hiring a seat on a private jet, you can join an existing flight and have the chance of flying with some of the most successful names of the business and arts world.
With the new jet charter and jet flight-sharing platform Jetforme, you can now fly with reasonable prices without sacrificing your comfort.
You might think flying with a private jet costs too much. But, if you share the cost with your friends/colleagues or if you hire just a seat in a private jet, you can actually fly for the same amount as a business class ticket.