How To Hire A Private Jet

JETFORME is a new age jet charter and jet sharing platform that provides VIP flight opportunity and introduces passengers and jet owners. By providing passengers jet chartering services and jet owners the opportunity to share their own flights, JETFORME can offer an experience “Beyond First Class”, at optimal prices.

The JETFORME offer of an experience “Beyond First Class” includes services of private jet terminals used by word renowned names, world class catering, and swift passport handling procedures amongst many other VIP services. Our passengers are not wasting time in crowds and noise pollution, we ensure that they benefit from the privacy and comfort of a private jet.


First you determine the time, destination of the flight, and number of seats. Then you create a flight and open the seats of the flight to share with others.You may also choose the “close the flight” option to fly privately.

1.1 Passenger

As a JETFORME passenger, you create a “Pending Flight” after choosing your destination and date. After adjusting the “minimum/maximum number of passengers” settings, you may fly wherever and whenever, in optimal prices customized to the flight you created.

How To Hire A Private Jet As A Passenger

1.2 Jet Owner

You may charter your own jet to executive passengers or share your empty seats on your own flights. Choose the destination, time and number of seats, upload visuals of your jet and create a flight. Your flight will take place in the “guaranteed flights” list upon system approval.

How To Charter Your Own Private Jet

2. Join a Flight

To experience a flight “Beyond First Class” you can join an already created flight. Click a “Scheduled flight” and fill in your information. For a flight to be “guaranteed”, a certain number of seats needs to be filled. The number of passengers required for each flight is specified in the system. As soon as you complete the required seats/close the flight, your jet will be ready to depart.

Private Jet Flight Ticket Screenshot

You only need to fill in the form that appears in the system!

Passenger Information Form Screenshot


JETFORME places a credit card hold to create or join a flight. The flight payment will be processed when the flight is guaranteed in the system.

Private Jet Flight Payment Screenshot

You have only one more step to take a place in your flight.
Once you enter the payment information required, a hold will be placed on your credit card. The flight fee will be collected once your flight is due. In the case that your flight is not guaranteed, subject to minimum number of passengers, the provision held from your credit card will be released.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

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